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Binahong are vines that grow in Indonesia. The leaves are slightly thick and shaped like a heart. Binahong leaves already believed long ago to cure various diseases. Ranging from mild illness to a dangerous disease. To understand it, here I will share with you about the benefits of leaf binahong for humans.
Benefits Leaves

Binahong for Health

Binahong leaves for health benefits and traditional medicine is not as famous or soursop leaf of mangosteen peel. However, numerous studies have shown that this plant has many benefits for human health. What are the benefits? Check out his review below:

Treating Wounds

Benefits of plant leaves binahong the first is as a cure wounds. That is because the leaves contain antimicrobial binahong which then also can prevent infection. The trick is to attach the leaves finely binahong on fresh wounds, the wounds will be quickly restored to its original state. In addition to accelerating wound healing, binahong leaves is also beneficial to minimize scars. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about a scar which often makes your confidence level be reduced.

Preventing Cancer

Efficacy Binahong next leaf is as a cancer preventive. Binahong leaves contain substances that can inhibit cancer cell growth so that you will quickly recover when this malignant disease. Caranyapun quite easily by drinking boiled water binahong dried leaves as much as once a day. Drink for several weeks and little by little you attack the cancer cells will be reduced and then die.

Ward off free radicals

Binahong leaves contain antioxidants high enough so as to make it have an important role in protecting the body against free radicals that can load into a rapidly aging skin. The trick is to drink a decoction of the leaves binahong every waking routine. in addition, leaves binahong also useful as a deterrent occurrence of diseases caused by viral and bacterial infections.

Sprue Chronic drug

A plant commonly used as an ornamental plant can also be used to cure chronic ulcer. Usually this type of canker sores formed due to lack of vitamins which then cause sores on the mouth and surrounding areas. The trick is to drink a decoction of the leaves binahong in a cold state. Do not drink it in warm because the heat will aggravate the condition thrush. Besides being able to heal canker sores, leaves binahong also useful as relievers dizziness.

Digestion launched

The content in binahong able to control the work of the digestive tract to remain stable. By doing so, you will be spared from diarrhea or constipation. Then, the leaves binahong also serves as a remedy hemorrhoids. The content in the leaf is capable of making the muscles in the anus swell initially be quieter so little by little hemorrhoid will be reduced.

Stopping Bleeding

Other uses of the leaf binahong is a drug that can inhibit minor bleeding such as nosebleeds. Then leaves binahong also acts as stamina enhancer for men. way is to drink water decoction of the leaves in warm binahong. Drinking boiled water can increase stamina in a natural way that is safe for the body.

Overcome Low Blood

Substances in binahong able to control blood pressure in the body that make it always stable. Therefore, binahong leaves are widely used as drugs lower blood.

Similarly, a review of the benefits for health binahong leaves. and you need to know, that the fairly rapid development of technology, now many factories producing kapssul binahong leaf extract that allows you to drink it. Read also the article on the benefits of basil leaves and papaya leaves for health benefits. Hope it is useful

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